Civil Litigation


Glenn Crickenberger and G.C. Law have been providing clients with civil litigation legal services for disputes pertaining to breach of contracts, partnerships, leases and real estate.

Legal conflicts between ordinary people and businesses’ frequently occur. These disputes are usually the result of a failure in the fulfillment of an agreement between the parties. Litigation is the legal process that ensues at the point where the parties and businesses involved can not agree.

When you retain attorney Glenn Crickenberger of G.C. Law, you will receive the integrity, dedication and professionalism required to resolve the dispute(s). Whether it be exploring a lucrative settlement or ardently litigating your case, G.C. Law will do what is right for you and your situation.

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Business involves contracts. Contract disputes are often the result of oral or incomplete contracts causing misinterpretations or differing interpretations. As a result, operations, work product and profitability can be negatively affected.

From the onset of any contractual documentation, your best option is to retain a lawyer experienced in civil litigation to review the contract before signing it. This simple step will often save you the trouble of a contract dispute. If, however, you find yourself having entered into a contract that you are convinced has been breached you have the option to take legal action. Contact Glenn Crickenberger of G.C. Law for a free consultation.



The contract is fundamentally breached by one or more parties.

The breach results in damages.

Examples that often contribute to a breach of contract include; duress, a signing participant making an error, fraud and the legitimacy of the contract.


The civil litigation lawyers at G.C. Law are experienced in dealing with contract disputes and breach of contract issues.  Our legal team can assist with pleading requirements, as breach-of-contract claims require that the existence of a contract be demonstrated.  In addition, we can assist with the use of expert witnesses in order to simplify any industry-specific jargon or common practices within a particular industry when principal terms are absent from a contract.  Court-ordered remedies in business litigation generally consist of cancellation, compensatory damages, specific performance and liquidated damages.


It doesn’t take long for a contract dispute to get complicated, the civil litigation legal team at G.C. Law focuses on providing outstanding results, with the efficiency, the resources and skills to assist you with all legal matters related to business.  Let our civil litigation lawyers help you. Contact us today at: 772-465-5311

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