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Glenn Crickenberger before becoming an attorney, was a series 7 license broker and investment advisor with the prestigious firm of AG Edwards and Sons. Therefor, he has tremendous experience with the broker and client relations. Unfortunately it is not uncommon for the average every day person to be injured by the actions of their financial advisor or financial institution. If you believe that you have been treated unfairly contact GC Law for a free consultation. In certain circumstances you may be able to recover your attorney’s fees and costs. Don’t be a victim of security fraud.



Some people over look the process of carefully filling out documents with their financial intuitions regarding their investments and their goals. It is very important to accurately make sure that your goals and tolerance to losses are expressed in what most intuitions call your account card. If it is clearly documented that you have no or very little tolerance to risk, it would be inappropriate for an advisor to encourage you to invest in an investment that contains moderate or high risk. If you do not ensure that your goals and tolerance to risk are correctly expressed, you may have trouble recovering if there becomes an issue.

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